Just Lewds Aims to Offer Creators New 'Sex-Positive' Option

Just Lewds Aims to Offer Creators New 'Sex-Positive' Option

LOS ANGELES—“Sex-positive platform” Just Lewds is ramping up to officially open its digital doors with a pledge to “disrupt the conventional NSFW space through a focus on inclusivity, diversity and community.”

The creators say Just Lewds is designed to empower content creators toward building “safe, sustainable careers in the adult content creation industry.”

In promoting “conscious porn”—or what the founder has dubbed “woke porn”—Just Lewds aims to offer a platform that is both “meaningful and profitable” for viewers and content creators.

Founder Tommy Thomas remarked, “I founded Just Lewds to disrupt the NSFW industry with an unapologetically positive platform and brand.

“Just Lewds does things differently by giving creators and fans a say, leveraging technology in adoption-optimized ways as we look to address the most glaring issues prevalent in the NSFW space,” Thomas continued. “We’re seeking out investors to give us the final push to fund the completion of the platform so we can give our creators, users or ‘voyeurs’ as we like to call them, the best and most inclusive offering in the NSFW space.”

Thomas, an entrepreneur who has a mPhil/PhD in (Human Rights) Law, previously worked for Amnesty International, UNICEF and The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Chief Creative Officer Radina Galabova has been spearheading the mission to make Just Lewds “a safe space for all.”

“We wanted to create a safe and inclusive space where creators can thrive, connect with their audiences and have a say in the direction of the platform,” Galabova said.

“I hope that by launching Just Lewds, we can now usher in a new era of sex-positive NSFW content. We are hopeful this move will shift the narrative and remove the taboo, allowing everyone to experience nude entertainment without judgement, prejudice and discrimination. We can’t wait to collectively enjoy these unreal experiences by our favorite creators on our new platform: Just Lewds.”

Galabova is a creative with a background in social media advertising and content creator platforms. She worked at SO-COL, a web3 social platform for creators, where she shaped the brand from the ground up as Brand/Marketing Lead. Prior to that, she led brand campaigns at Media Bounty, an “ethical social media agency” in London.

The platform announced adult star Raegan Leah, aka Leah Gotti, as one of the first content creators to join as an official ambassador and advisor to Just Lewds.

“I believe very strongly in creating safe spaces and empowering creators like myself, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of the founding advisory team at Just Lewds," Gotti explained. “I’m so looking forward to creating a new community that is totally safe, fun and revolutionary. I speak on behalf of thousands of creators when I say that we are done with being used by the industry to promote an unhealthy image of what truly embodies sexual content.”

Gotti says Just Lewds reached out to her through Twitter a couple months ago to gauge her interest in joining the platform.

“Originally they were just asking me if I was interested in just using it and upon talking to them I started asking questions like what are you going to be implementing and who’s on the board?” Gotti told AVN. 

After more discussions about their direction, she asked if she could join the team in a more official capacity.

“This platform is more about community and less about competition,” Gotti said.

She noted that creators may start their accounts with either their email or a crypto wallet and that they can sell clips to users who are not necessarily subscribed to their pages.

“People can choose how their experience goes,” she added.

The platform's fundraising is set to begin on April 4 with an exclusive NFT drop—there will be 2,400 available at lewdfriends.xyz—to fundraise the completion of the development of the platform. The NFTs will give early adopters an opportunity to have a say in the platform's direction. Each NFT will be priced at $69 (in ETH equivalent) for those who supported the project early, and are “allow-listed,” and will be available to mint from April 4, 2023.

There will be a podcast episode dropped every Wednesday called “Keeping It (Un)real.” Fans and creators can also learn more about Lewd Friends, the exclusive community club brand spun off from Just Lewds. 

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